Captain K Seafood Tower & Hot Pot

Globally sourced seafood, from ocean to table

Captain K Seafood Tower Singapore
Captain K Steamboat Hot Pot Singapore
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The “Captain” behind the brand is former chief marine engineer turned restaurateur, Kenneth Koh. His global expeditions from shore to shore sparked inspirations for steaming tiers of fresh seafood goodness.

"We only buy from suppliers who are committed to sustainable fishing practices and the long term protection of sea life. We pride ourselves in bringing in the best so that we can serve the best." - Kenneth.

Through his exposure to a myriad of seafood cuisines worldwide, he found that steaming fresh seafood in a tower is not only a healthier option but also the purest indulgent method.


When trickles of savoury seafood essence condense into the soup base, it sets itself apart as a deep ocean flavoured broth perfect for a wholesome hot pot feast!

Today, Captain K is an exclusive 80-seater with a sauce bar of two dozen condiments and ingredients, curated range of alcoholic beverages, and impeccable service to accompany our renowned Seafood Tower & Hot Pot ! Want to find out more about the yummy dishes we serve?

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